Zemo Partnership & RFAS

Accelerating the move to zero emission mobility in the UK

Working in combination with ISCC to encompass and certify the complete renewable fuel supply chain from feedstock to the end user.

The Zemo Partnership is a not-for-profit, independent partnership, jointly funded by government and its members.

The Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme (RFAS) is an initiative designed and managed by Zemo Partnership. The Scheme aims to verify claims made by companies supplying renewable fuels to heavy-duty vehicle and equipment operators regarding their product’s GHG emission savings and provenance of raw material feedstocks.

At ESL Fuels, the RFAS works alongside ISCC and RTFO to encompass the complete renewable fuel supply chain from feedstock cultivation or waste raw material collection, to production and distribution of the final product to the customer.

If ESL Fuels supplies a renewable fuel for an obligated use under the RTFO Order then the customer will be issued a Zemo Partnership Renewable Fuel Declaration.

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