What is HVO?

HVO is a Renewable Diesel and drop-in replacement for traditional Diesel. It conforms to EN15940 and is produced using feedstocks that are RED II compliant.

HVO comes from the term “Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil” or “Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil”, reflecting its origins from over a decade ago, when only vegetable oils were used as feedstocks. In recent years, feedstocks have changed and become more varied, so “HVO” is no longer an accurate term to describe the origin of the fuel. Globally, it is now widely known as Renewable Diesel. However, since the term HVO is embedded in European regulation, fuel standards, and marketing in the UK, HVO and Renewable Diesel are used interchangeably.

Renewable Diesel is technically different from 1st generation Biodiesel (FAME). Renewable Diesel is a 2nd generation biofuel, and has none of the stability and operational issues which prevent Biodiesel from being a drop-in replacement. Indeed, Biodiesel is limited to 7% in traditional Diesel (B7).

Renewable Diesel is virtually free from the more polluting aromatic type of hydrocarbons so achieves cleaner tailpipe emissions – reduced particulate matter and NOx.

A high Cetane rating (minimum 70) compared to regular Diesel of 51 allows the fuel to ignite more easily and improves cold starts.

Renewable Diesel meets the requirements of EN15940 for paraffinic Diesel fuels and because it is more stable than traditional diesel, it also has a longer shelf life. Existing storage tanks can be used with no modifications required.

  • Biodiesel – not a hydrocarbon
  • Renewable Diesel – is a paraffinic hydrocarbon
  Fuel stability Cold weather performance Filter blocking tendancy
HVO High -15 Low
Biodiesel Low 0 High

Using Renewable Diesel can reduce greenhouse gases by as much as 90%, significantly reducing carbon footprint.

  • Produced from renewable waste and residues
  • No virgin palm oil is used in ESL’s product
  • ISCC Certified– entire supply chain is comprehensively audited
  • Feedstocks are also verified by Department for Transport in line with the UK Road Transport Fuel Obligation.
  • Zemo Partnership Renewable Fuel Declarations are provided for every  delivery and are again externally audited

Renewable Diesel / HVO has been used as a fuel in the UK for over a decade and is routinely sold into the following sectors:

  • Commercial fleet operators
  • Local councils
  • Construction including major infrastructure HS1/HS2
  • Agricultural
  • Marine both sea-going and inland waterways
  • Standby Power Generation
  • Data Centres

It is formally approved by a wide range of equipment manufacturers including Caterpillar, Cummings, DAF, IVECO, John Deere, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, MTU, Perkins, Scania and Volvo.

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